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The name “ePrime“ is composed from the name “electronic prime”.

“ePrime” was founded in the year 2000 as a service provider in the sector of software development. Today we round our IT-consultancy and service Provider Company with broad defined complements of range and goods.

With far-sightedness the chances of a rapidly changing market and competitive environment were with entrepreneurial attitude and action decidedly used to continue on the basis of the ePrime business consultancy the entrepreneurial tradition with an extended and overlapping performance profile.

Today it isn’t enough anymore just to develop a software product. The costumer claims with good cause to the variety of assigned service providers the right to find exactly the capable contact, who takes over overlapping responsibility. The ePrime business consultancy masters this claim by expanding the complements of range and goods with the segment of expert leasing as a supporting pillar. From consultants to software engineers to administrators and network partners to IT-supporters ePrime provides upon request of their customers highly qualified employees for a temporary commitment. The access to a comprehensive, approved and resilient network of experts ensures that every requirements situation can be handled with proper skills, abilities and experiences which are precisely necessary.

Besides the IT as a basement for all the commercial and organizational processes the (partly) autarchic energy supply with their technical and cost-controlled realization is an increasingly important aspect in our company today. At the same time reliability, efficiency, achievable functionality and longevity are of fundamental importance. The ePrime business consultancy meets this current task with technical solutions approaches and their commercial assessment to fulfill the greater need for consulting today.

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