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Development and consulting of (partly) autarchic energy supply systems to increase the independence from external procurement of energy to detachment of base-loadable technologies to an independent energy supply.

Today we talk about the relief of single affiliated groups, who are also exempt from the usual Payment of the EEG-Charge. This happens to the disadvantage of private households and of all commercial small companies, because they have to bear this relief by paying up to 30% more for their required energy in future.

This development offered adequate foundation, that the ePrime business consulting get involved in this segment as well. Consulting services from analysis to conception to rollout of additional systems of energy production, intermediate storage and utilisation are offered and economical realised today.

Currently we offer every interested person an initial consultation for free without commitment to inform you about the possibilities to receive your power and primary energy consumption from disposable sources in an economic, ecological and independent way.

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